Are you finding that sometimes, even the best classroom or computer-based security training only sticks for a few weeks? Most bankers recognize that while security is the primary business value they provide to customers, daily business operations tend to reinforce customer service as the primary goal. Our tests are designed to teach valuable lessons that will keep that priority in the correct order. Yes, always provide stellar customer service, but never at the expense of security. It’s certainly possible to do both.

We know that part of your goal is to prevent “the big one.” Bancsec is unique in creating and executing highly successful, multi-disciplinary social engineering methods that prepare your employees by making them think between tests. These customizable tests are performed in-person, over the phone, or over email and their objectives are clearly defined. Our average initial success rate is over 80%, and we proceed to the next level only when your bank is ready.

Some of these objectives include: 

Level 1:

  • Employee clicks
  • Open attachments
  • Employee credentials

Level 2:

  • Remote shells
  • Hardware installation
  • Business authorizations
  • Facilities entry

Level 3:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Wire transfer
  • APT administrative breach

We have been successful at all of these. In the past 3 years, we’ve walked out of 20 different banks' branches with over $525,000 in cash - unauthorized, without any inside information, and without ever showing an ID. 

Not every bank is ready to progress to Level 3, but our staunchest clients recognize that these extreme self-tests profoundly change employee culture to permanently reduce your “human weakness” risks. Our tests are effective. Remember our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we don’t deliver results, you don’t pay.