To assure information security throughout new technology deployments, system changes, and as new Infosec threats emerge, Bancsec will perform regular expert analysis and remote testing. This program provides reporting and recommendations for continuous support of your information security program throughout the year.   

To provide some examples, support activities may include:

  • Review of security controls for proposed systems
  • Validation of security on new servers / applications
  • Review of patch management processes and validation that patches are applied
  • Review IDS/IPS operations and firewall rule changes
  • Confirming that critical security log monitoring is in place and that appropriate alerts have been defined
  • Review of configurations on servers, routers and switches
  • Scanning selected network components for security vulnerabilities
  • Validation that the antivirus update process is functioning
  • Review of Active Directory changes including service accounts and administrative accounts
  • Provide guidance on information security policies, procedures, and technical controls
  • Confirmation that remote access is logged and managed
  • Validation that anti-spam and internet content filtering systems are functioning as required